We respect your privacy and only process your personal data for the purpose for which you have provided them and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations.

Company details

Company name: EasyLogic BV
Website: https://www.rfidplaza.com, http://www.easylogic.nl
Registration number Chamber of Commerce: 28091360
VAT number: NL810108367B01

Company name: IDCARDplaza BV
Website: http://www.idcardplaza.com
Registration number Chamber of Commerce: 59456337
VAT number: NL853497333B01

Address: Westbaan 287, 2841 MC Moordrecht, the Netherlands

E-mail address

  1. We can, in the context of a supply agreement or order, make offers about similar products and services, provided you did not tick the no marketing box. This is shown at the time of you providing your data. Moreover, in every communication you will have the ability to unsubscribe your e-mail address.
  2. When we collect your email address for reasons other than a closed agreement, this will not be used for unsolicited communications if you did not grant permission.

Mailing address

We use your postal address only for sending products that you have ordered or information you have requested.

Phone number

We do not use your telephone number for commercial purposes.

Other Personal Information

We process other personal data only (by means of cookies, through the reading of peripherals or otherwise) if:

  1. the data processing is necessary for:
    • the execution of an order from you;
    • the proper performance of a public law task;
    • the representation of our justified interest (but your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms will prevail), or;
  2. you have given permission for marketing when we collected your data.

We do not store your data any longer than necessary for processing the purposes for which they were collected.

Special Personal Data

In the context of offering products or services that would interest you, we may provide data from individuals who supplied their data to organizations with which we are contractually linked when this is necessary:

  • for the execution of an agreement concluded with you;
  • for the proper performance of a public law task;
  • for the defense of our legitimate interest unless your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms prevail above this interest.

If the above grounds do not apply, we will ask your permission before the data is shared with third parties.

Secure Transfer and Receiving Data

  1. When we transfer or receive your data on our website, we always use coding technologies that are recognized as common standards within the IT sector;
  2. If we receive or transfer certain critical information, such as financial information or health information, we use a secure server. You will be notified via a screen that is shown on our site (pop-up);
  3. We have the necessary security measures introduced to prevent the loss, the unlawful use or the change of information we receive on our site;

Secure Storage of Data

Safety criteria
  1. On the page where you provide personal data we use a secure connection.
  2. Passwords are always stored hashed.
  3. We store as little information as possible from customers to ensure that there is no particularly sensitive personal data are stored in our database, unless this can not be done differently.
  4. The sending of personal data by e-mail is done via a secure link.
  5. We take technical and organizational measures the loss of data or unlawful processing thereof (such as attacks). We therefore guarantee an appropriate security level and have our site checked periodically.
  6. All systems in which (sensitive) personal data are processed are equipped with antivirus software and the latest security-related patches of all other important software, as issued by the suppliers of this software.
  7. At least twice a year our site will be tested for application vulnerabilities according to OWASP top 10.

Access your Data

On request we will supply visitors of our website about the personal data processed by us. Any incorrect data can be rectified, supplemented or deleted. If you require access to this information, or if you would like to correct your personal information, please contact us at the address below.


If you wish to respond to our Privacy Policy, please contact:

  1. At the following e-mail address: sales@easylogic.nl
  2. On the following telephone number: 0182-389530
  3. At the following address: Westbaan 287, 2841 MC Moordrecht

This privacy policy can be changed at any time. We will publish these changes here and, if necessary, you will be notified by e-mail.