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You can order cards, readers and other products from our other shop: https://www.rfidplaza.nl/

Or contact us for quotes on card printers and software, lanyards and cardholders, via sales@easylogic.nl 

For RFID projects and consultancy, visit: https://www.easylogic.nl/

Full-Colour Printing and Personalisation

Membercards, giftcards, loyaltycards, visitor cards, clubcards, citycards, access cards. We can personalise the cards with a photograph, personal details, barcodes or QR-codes. We can add a magnetic stripe or a chip so that the card can be used for lockers in a gym, stored value in your diningroom, or memberpoints in your loyalty programme.

IDCARDplaza offers high quality, low cost, and a quick turnaround.

To read all the details about what we can do for you with your card, check our Personalisation Options. If you'd like to supply us with the designs, please read our Specifications.

Call us on +31-182-389 540. We are here to help you!