Software for cardprinters

Card Studio 2.0 Classic

  • Card Design and Print in one application
  • No database features
  • CardStudio 1.0 Design Conversion
  • Upgradeable to Standard and above

Card Studio 2.0 Standard

  • All Classic functions
  • Unlimited card designs and data records
  • 1 project file
  • CardStudio 1.0 database conversion
  • Upgradeable to Enterprise and above

Card Studio 2.0 Enterprise

  • All Standard functions
  • Full external database connectivity for MS Access, MS SQL, My SQL and Oracle databases
  • Generic ODBC driver support
  • Multiple project files
  • Upgradeable to Professional and above

Card Studio 2.0 Professional

  • All Enterprise functions and unlimited card designs, projects, data records
  • Full SmartCard including MIFARE Classic, plus and DESfire

Alternatively, contact IDCARDplaza for all your printing and programming requirements.


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